Print layouts

Print layouts

The creation of digital project is at the same time the creation of technical documentation. The idea is to work on a project and then use specialized TeleCAD-GIS tools to automatically generate documentation based on the project data. This enables that all relevant data is stored in a single place, thus implementing all-important "single-source" approach to the problem. TeleCAD-GIS includes a set of tools that provide standardized and automated preparation of final technical documentation of main projects or existing-state projects, and the rich set of tools with improved features that further accelerate and facilitate this process. Automatization includes performing multiple tasks in a batch, thus avoiding otherwise tedious repetitive actions.


Adjustment of paper format and orientation when creating schematic displays and generating drawings is utterly simplified. Program automatically draws frames, headers and tables in a way that facilitates packing of printed materials - including auxiliary markers for paper bending.

Detail sheets

Interactive generation of "viewports" (i.e. windows into model space (site plan)) is provided. Layouts are automatically brought to the scale that is given in the layout header or layout table data. Additional options allow extremely easy generation of: multiple detail-sheets; detail-sheets allocation overview; site plans; all of which are ready for printing or plotting.


Interactive generation of trench cross-section at an arbitrary point and placing such cross-section on a layout or site plan (model space) is provided.

Graphical appendices

Extensible catalog of, in-advance prepared, drawings with various content is provided in order to complement documentation preparation process. Those drawings can be inserted on layouts in a form of AutoCAD blocks and can contain depictions of: protective elements, equipment for mounting copper and optic cables, longitudinal and transverse route sections, work safety measures, etc.


A modern way of generating (Excel-like) spreadsheets within the CAD platform was implemented - interactive tables with content that can easily be changed and with the possibility of merging cells or writing a formula - just like in Microsoft Excel.

Schematic diagrams (for print)

Schematic diagrams can be automatically generated in two different ways:
• by directly generating a layout with schematic content based on a situation plan data
• by creating a "vector print-screen", at any moment while working with "interactive schemas", and storing such drawing in a form of AutoCAD block which can ultimately be placed anywhere on the drawing, including print layouts.
In both cases schematic diagrams can be additionally edited like any other vector elements of the DWG file. Second approach can also be applied to various other "views" such as: detailed view of splice case; detailed view of termination points (ODF, Splitter...), etc.


All infrastructure elements are labeled according to predefined system settings. These settings can be adjusted by the user. Naming convention is implemented allowing the user to compose labels any way that he sees fit, thus allowing harmonization with the naming convention of the telecom operator. System settings can be altered at any time during a project design and they shall be automatically updated following new rules.



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