GPS Mapping

GPS mapping

A special subsystem is provided to facilitate automatic mapping of field survey data acquired by GPS devices or total station theodolites (TST). It defines the rules for the programming of GPS/TST devices using digital geodetic key - compliant with TeleCAD-GIS object model.

Predefined attributes are added that can describe not only the type of telecommunication structure, but also its detailed technical specifications - such as capacity, type, etc. Data entered on the field is automatically translated into the attributes of TeleCAD-GIS objects, same as in DWG drawings.

This means that field workers can assign a telecommunications infrastructure objects (defined in the object model) to a surveyed location or path during the field survey process itself. Surveyed paths instantly become cables, duct banks... and locations become splice points, ODFs, telephone poles, Manholes etc.

Right there on the field, in an offline mode, infrastructure can be viewed, properties can be edited and new objects can be added. Process is completed upon the return from the field to the office by exporting surveyed data to TeleCAD-GIS. TeleCAD-GIS is then used to analyze data, fill in additional information (e.g. splicing) and update the GIS database.


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