Conceptual basis

Conceptual basis of the software package

TeleCAD-GIS software package is designed as an integral set of tools that needs to meet three primary objectives:

  • Quick, good and rational generating of digital technical documentation from the area of telecommunications infrastructure
  • The immediate usability of such documents in establishing a modern information system as the basis for the successful processes of maintenance, operation and management in the corporations which manage these systems.
  • Compatibility and comparability of processes performed with processes in the environment (land surveying, urban planning, other infrastructure, statistics...)

The transition to the computer preparation of project documentation has become a matter of survival for design organizations. Most of them used or still using different design software tools (CorelDraw, Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD ...)*. The classic use of these tools provides only a temporary competitive advantage in conditions of underdevelopment of IT support and control systems of telecommunications corporations. In other words,only in circumstances where for the management of these systems is almost irrelevant whether the technical documentation is in digital or printed form.

The initial condition for successful adjustment of telecommunications corporations to market conditions is a clear picture of what they are managing.
However, digital cadastre is not a sufficient condition. Generally speaking, investment in digital processing is profitable only if the digitized facility caries information used in the processes of maintenance, operation and management system.

That is possible if the functionality of GIS technology and the ability to create spatial topology, attribute assignment, connecting to relational databases, automatic generation specification and thematic maps based on a query is added to the CAD processing (digital situation plan and technical schemes). In this way, project designed documentation receives its function in managing processes of the user and his environment.
INOVA TeleCAD-GIS is based on AutoCAD platform.


*property of Corel, Microsoft and Autodesk, respectively.


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