Project management

Project management (Included in basic module)

Productivity in computer-equipped design office is dependent primarily on the organization and reliability of documents storage, providing a quick and easy access, and clear procedures of digital documentations flow.

Projects module

Projects module offers a reliable, multipurpose sub-system that provides local centralized storage and easy use of digital technical documentation in daily work. It also provides the means for establishing the connection to the central GIS database when TeleCAD-GIS is used within enterprise environment. This is a project management system specially adapted to the management of technical documentation in the area of telecommunications infrastructure. It organizes and stores digital project documents in most common formats (Autodesk DWG, Microsoft DOC and XLS, PDF, CDR ...). It contains specially prepared and adaptable templates for conceptual, main and as-built projects of copper, fiber-optics and conduit networks.

Content processing

Whether it's done through TeleCAD-GIS project manager or AutoCAD File Management System, the application offers a rich set of tools for digital projects, individual situation plans and individual sets of objects. It allows export of one or a group of telecommunications structures from the drawing in a way that they retain their properties even if they are processed outside the original platform. All programs that read DWG or DXF formats recognize graphics exported from TeleCAD-GIS which are identical to the original.


The standards are a component that accelerates the process of project creation through the use of predefined parameters, values and labels. Simple customization allows adjustment to the requirements of the project task, the standards of telecom operators or to the revised regulations. System settings are fully synchronized with analytic and other tools. They allow even greater freedom in defining the parameters of the project: symbology, naming conventions, catalog of predefined elements, electrical and mechanical properties of telecommunications elements, and numerous other application features adjustable to the current standards and regulations.


A complete digital project can be archived in one step. Thanks to the high degree of compression archive file contains all the raster images of the original project, including its system settings (i.e. applied standards). Archive files are convenient for exchange of projects between users.



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