IPLAN software system supports processes of planning, designing, development and maintenance of company's infrastructural resources (Infrastructure Lifecycle Management). Description of the entire system is given as an appendix to the project documentation which was a base for the software development. System is specialized for infrastructure companies such as: telecom operators, electric power supply companies, water supply and sewer companies, gas industry etc.

IPLAN module for annual planning and investment tracking comprises following software subsystems: 

  1. Subsystem for defining of planning rules (BOQ, BOM, planning rules, budget rules, realization monitoring).
  2. Subsystem for defining of annual plan (preparation for development of annual plan, plan development distributed across the organizational units, conjoint plan development, plan rebalance).
  3. Subsystem for development of investment and technical documentation (Development scope, Conceptual project: project task, project task revision, project task budget approval; Main project: technical documentation, technical documentation revision, collecting consents, revision, BOQ.).
  4. Subsystem for contracting works and materials (Request for offer: works selection, materials selection, finalizing proposal; Offer analysis: best offer selection, best offer notification, complaints resolving, contracting, defining contract works, defining contract materials, finalizing contract, gathering permits based on consents).
  5. Subsystem for annual plan realization tracking (Quantity realization tracking: construction history, making situation plan, delivered materials recording, CAPEX, OPEX, contract realization, cash flow realization). IPLAN is distinguished from other similar programs by the ability to directly take data from CAD projects as well as GIS processing of infrastructure capacities.

IPLAN is running in telecommunication companies that are very complex and demanding in regards to annual planning which in turn enabled us to thoroughly test and fine tune IPLAN for functioning in complex conditions. We have significant experience integrating IPLAN with other ERP software. One such integration of IPLAN and ERP has just been implemented in telecom companies.




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