INOVA GIS Platform

What is INOVA GIS Platform?

It's a centralized Enterprise GIS (Geographical Information System) that enables seamless data access for any number of different departments within business organization and beyond. Data can be accessed for viewing, analyzing, editing... Apart from that, data can be presented to wider audience with the possibility to control: what type of data and to what extent it will be presented.

Thanks to the IGS (INOVA GIS Server), platform enables virtually unlimited number of concurrent users.

The platform is scalable so it can be adjusted to meet the needs of companies that vary in size. This makes it affordable for companies ranging from small to very large. It also allows gradual expansion of the system over a period of time. It is open in its nature and as such it can be easily integrated with other OSS/BSS (operation/business support systems).

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Whom is it for?

INOVA GIS Platform is made having specifically in mind telecommunications companies that among their assets have networks of: fiber optic cables, copper cables, coaxial cables and conduits.

Some of our customers are:
Telekom Srbija, m:tel (Telekom Srpske), Telenor... 


Any company that utilizes OSP/ISP (cables, conduits, manholes, distribution frames etc.) will benefit from INOVA GIS Platform because it enables entire network to be documented in one place. This is, no doubt, much better solution than having documentation scattered around in different files or even paper documentation, not to mention that analyzing or updating changes in such documentation is a daunting task.

On the other hand, when you have centralized Enterprise GIS, these actions are not just faster and easier but they are absolutely accurate. There is no danger that you have missed to update some document. Update is made in one place only (GIS database) and all documentation and reports are generated from that single source. Also, various analyses can be made over the up-to-date database.



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